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Shout Outs on Twitter!

1 Dec is always looking to get shout outs from our industry leading coverage of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons episodes from cast members.  Here is  a wrap up of this week’s action:

Trishelle – Team Vegas

Alton and Dustin were not happy with Trishelle’s  performance in this week’s episode and let her know it.  This turned into Alton making the comment, “A woman would at least be quiet and listen to her man.” We tweeted Trishelle, who was not watching the episode live, and I don’t think they are on good terms.


Robb – Team St. Thomas

Robb and Marie did not fair well this week during competition.  Robb, who uses the smoker excuse a few times too often, tried breaking up an argument between Marie and Derek.  Somehow Robb ended up getting thrown on the floor, and that is where Marie decided to take matters into her own hands.  By using a flower pot as a banana peel, Marie managed to knock down Derek and Sam with one push, leaving me to ask Robb, “Couldn’t you have handled that yourself?”  Pleased with the simplicity in this answer.


A few other notables from some of our favorites

Marie Retweet

Marie RT

Jemmye Retweet


The Quitter

20 Oct

If you listened to any of the podcasts you would know that I was on Big Easy’s side.  He blew it for his team in Episodes 1 and 3.  He came through with wins in the Arena in Hall Brawl and Balls Out.  Was the dysfunctional Fresh Meat really going to pull off eliminating multiple teams after showing they are by far the worst team this season?

Big Easy, sad to hear I was wrong about ya. You’ll always be a quitter in my book.

I thought maybe it could happen.  Big Easy seemed like a likable guy.  The guy who was a big heavy, ginger, and not too intelligent.  The guy who got picked on when he was younger because he was just so much larger than everyone else, but was really harmless.

God do I have to stop rooting for these types.

Jeff said it best in our last podcast when he mentioned how Big Easy had the same story every time.  He said Easy always has the same story of coming back to The Challenge stronger and faster, this time having lost 70 lbs..   And miraculously he made it to a final, only to almost die.

I know Casey and Jay on the podcast were not huge fans of Big Easy either.  They blasted him for numerous blunders over the first four episodes.

So here’s to you guys.  And to our boy, TJ Lavin, who called out Easy for doing the unthinkable.  Quitting.

“There’s one thing I hate worse than anything in the world, and that’s quitters.” – TJ Lavin

Oh, and shout out to Knight for mentioning us on twitter after giving him props for his “Wicked Witch of Brazil” one liner on episode 5.

And one more side note; Easy and Devyn are no longer together, for at least the last two months according to Easy’s twitter.  So hopefully you didn’t have the over on the 9.5 months.


Knight Rules Episode 4

16 Oct

Real World New Orleans was one of my favorite seasons of all time.  Jemmye and Knight entertained us that season and came out as the stars of NOLA.

In the first three episodes of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, it seemed as if they were a weak, boring team with the only story lines there being Jemmye and Knight’s relationship and how long they would be kept in the challenge until they finally dropped out.

Knight and Jemmye

Knight decided to shake things up and get into Nany’s head in episode 4.

Then Episode 4 happened.

Knight proved why he is the man.  And reminded us of Nany’s weak mental strength, breaking her down to the point of wanting to go home.

We have said it numerous times on the podcast; any episode resulting in members of the house screaming “NOOO NANY NOOOO” is always a great episode. And much of the same way Knight was able to get under the skin of roommates in NOLA, Knight has succeeded in breaking down Vegas’ Nany.

Poor Dustin.  He has to follow Nany everywhere, making sure she doesn’t shank Knight or throw a glass at his head.

I chose New Orleans as my team this season.  And do I think they will win?  They aren’t the strongest team, but I won’t count out New Orleans as long as Knight is standing.

– Frank