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Marie from St. Thomas – Challenge Preview

19 Dec

Team St. Thomas member, Marie, joins Frank, Casey, and Jay to break down her experience in the Real World and give some insight into The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons finale!

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Marie from Team St. Thomas joins us!

Marie from Team St. Thomas joins us!

Episode 8 Podcast!

30 Nov

Episode 8 featured none other than Jonna, spotlights on her troubled past, Racquel or Mercedes, and of course the greatest Arena in Chellenge history.  CJ almost pulled the biggest upset since Johnny and Tyler defeated CT and Adam.  Jonna, we found out, has been blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend into signing over her car title, had her dog stolen by him, and may be homeless.  We also found out she needs to be here more than anyone, and she was faced with having her new boyfriend, Zach (Thor), go against her teammate, CJ.  Listen in and enjoy!

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Zach vs. CJ

Zach and CJ went to extra heats to decide who went home. Best Arena in Challenge history.

Episode 7 Podcast!

14 Nov

In the Episode 7 Podcast Frank, Casey and Jay break down the Logged Out challenge.  There were problems with Team San Diego and Frank and Zach went ape shit on Sam.  Team New Orleans attempts to stay in with two team members.  CJ is writing love letters and receiving them.  Team Brooklyn aka Team Misfits has a puzzle master and a black lumberjack.  We have our analysis on it all!

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Team San Diego

Has Team San Diego hit rock bottom for good? Or can they right the ship moving forward?

Bonus Podcast! With AJ from

25 Oct

Frank and Casey are joined by AJ from to talk about this season’s The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons.  AJ was recently joined by Knight from Team New Orleans, and he talks about the fact that Knight was just waiting to get onto a podcast and share his story.  The crew then talks about how this season and how the characters have developed, especially the Knight/Trey twitter drama.  They finish up with a game of Quarterback, Running Back or Wide Receiver, labeling a few of the cast members as leaders, grinders, or prima donna.   This is a must listen!

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AJ from joined Frank and Casey to talk about Knight and this seasons Challenge!

Episode 5 Podcast!

22 Oct

“There’s one thing I hate worse than anything in the world, and that’s quitters.”  In the Episode 5  Podcast Frank, Casey, and Jay break down Big Easy and his towel throwing in the Water Torture arena.  We do not have kind words for him.  Not as bad as Camilla, but it gets pretty bad.  We go over the Chairman of the Board and even quiz our hosts on some of the questions.  Listen in for some ground breaking analysis!

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TJ Lavin

TJ Lavin hates quitters.

Episode 4 Podcast!

17 Oct

Episode 4: Knight Rises.  Lots of talk on how Knight is the best in the house, especially for the mental beating he put on Nany.  We go back in time to see if anyone in the house can take CT.  Lots of Big Easy and Devyn talk, and find out if they wind up staying together!  And  our Real World Challenge historian, Jeff, joins us from the Library of Challenge in Durango, Colorado.

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Jemmye inexplicably gets pissed at Knight for throwing Nany’s laundry in the pool.

Episode 3 Podcast!

8 Oct

Sparks are flying as Episode 3 of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons features some new couples.  Big Easy and Devyn are getting to know each other and Sarah and Alton’s relationship may be getting in the way of the money.  Team Cancun’s alliance is strong with a few others and Fresh Meat is an easy target.  Frank, Casey and Jay break it all down for you!

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Big Easy and Devyn

Sparks are flying with Big Easy and Devyn on The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons.

Episode 2 Podcast!

2 Oct

In the Episode 2 Podcast Frank, Casey and Jay discuss the relationships of Jemmye & Knight and Melinda & Danny, how Trey is ruining Team St. Thomas, the oil wrestling challenge, Team Fresh Meat’s melt down, and the power of Frank from San Diego.

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Thor and Frank from Team San Diego

Looks like Thor and Frank are taking control of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons.

Episode 1 Podcast!

24 Sep

In episode 1 of the podcast Frank, Casey and Jay break down what happened with Wes, Frank and Big Easy in the season premiere.  They go into each team recapping who they like and don’t like this season, and end it with their favorites in The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons.

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