Episode 4 Podcast!

17 Oct

Episode 4: Knight Rises.  Lots of talk on how Knight is the best in the house, especially for the mental beating he put on Nany.  We go back in time to see if anyone in the house can take CT.  Lots of Big Easy and Devyn talk, and find out if they wind up staying together!  And  our Real World Challenge historian, Jeff, joins us from the Library of Challenge in Durango, Colorado.

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Jemmye inexplicably gets pissed at Knight for throwing Nany’s laundry in the pool.

Knight Rules Episode 4

16 Oct

Real World New Orleans was one of my favorite seasons of all time.  Jemmye and Knight entertained us that season and came out as the stars of NOLA.

In the first three episodes of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, it seemed as if they were a weak, boring team with the only story lines there being Jemmye and Knight’s relationship and how long they would be kept in the challenge until they finally dropped out.

Knight and Jemmye

Knight decided to shake things up and get into Nany’s head in episode 4.

Then Episode 4 happened.

Knight proved why he is the man.  And reminded us of Nany’s weak mental strength, breaking her down to the point of wanting to go home.

We have said it numerous times on the weloverealworld.com podcast; any episode resulting in members of the house screaming “NOOO NANY NOOOO” is always a great episode. And much of the same way Knight was able to get under the skin of roommates in NOLA, Knight has succeeded in breaking down Vegas’ Nany.

Poor Dustin.  He has to follow Nany everywhere, making sure she doesn’t shank Knight or throw a glass at his head.

I chose New Orleans as my team this season.  And do I think they will win?  They aren’t the strongest team, but I won’t count out New Orleans as long as Knight is standing.

– Frank

Episode 3 Podcast!

8 Oct

Sparks are flying as Episode 3 of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons features some new couples.  Big Easy and Devyn are getting to know each other and Sarah and Alton’s relationship may be getting in the way of the money.  Team Cancun’s alliance is strong with a few others and Fresh Meat is an easy target.  Frank, Casey and Jay break it all down for you!

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Big Easy and Devyn

Sparks are flying with Big Easy and Devyn on The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons.

Episode 2 Podcast!

2 Oct

In the Episode 2 Podcast Frank, Casey and Jay discuss the relationships of Jemmye & Knight and Melinda & Danny, how Trey is ruining Team St. Thomas, the oil wrestling challenge, Team Fresh Meat’s melt down, and the power of Frank from San Diego.

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Thor and Frank from Team San Diego

Looks like Thor and Frank are taking control of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons.

Episode 1 Podcast!

24 Sep

In episode 1 of the podcast Frank, Casey and Jay break down what happened with Wes, Frank and Big Easy in the season premiere.  They go into each team recapping who they like and don’t like this season, and end it with their favorites in The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons.

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